Art Therapy

Music Therapy 

Pet Therapy

Child Life

Patient advocates (social work)

Family library: patients and their families can check out books at the Edward A. Block Family Library.


Financial assistant programs: Hospital bills can be extremely expensive, so Riley Hospital for Children offers financial assistance programs to support families.

Nutrition service: Nutrition services are available to patients to guide them and their families and create a healthy diet in order to manage their condition once they have left the hospital and are at home.


Camp About Face: Camp About Face is for children with craniofacial anomalies to connect and enjoy summer camp activities together.


Grief services: Grief services are available to provide support for families who have lost a child during their stay at Riley Hospital.


Riley teen leadership council: This program is offered for teens who are battling a medical condition to help them transition into adulthood.


Ronald McDonald House: Ronald McDonald House provides housing for families of children at Riley Hospital for no cost.


Safety store: provides car seats, bike helmets, and child-proofing supplies to the public at low cost.


School program: ensures that patients continue their education during stays.


Language services: translators and interpreters as well as assistive devices for individuals with vision or hearing impairments.


Special events: can include holiday parties/events and “field trip” like excursions


Medical records: help make records readily available to parents and caregivers, which kind of eliminates the barriers in understanding


Spiritual care: spiritual care and chaplaincy services for all faiths all around the clock 


Integrated care management: achieved by a team of nurse case managers and social workers making sure that families and patients are able to access all of these services


Kate Cares Stillbirth Assessment Program: This program supports families and medical professionals by researching the causes of stillbirth and ways to prevent it.


Pharmacy Services: Fill and deliver prescriptions to patients.