Anyone can be involved in BUDM regardless of dancing ability, affiliation, major, or amount of free time. There's a place for you in BUDM if you're FTK!

Your participant type within BUDM mostly depends on the amount of time you're able and willing to invest in your organization! Everyone has the opportunity to fundraise and advocate for Riley all year long. Dancers meet once a month, while committee members meet every week!

In addition to the roles of dancers, committee members have specialized roles and creative opportunities within BUDM. Committee members are the tactical workforce of the organization; we really could not accomplish everything without them. Committee members follow a shared timeline beginning with the application and selection process at the beginning of September.

alumni relations

Alumni Relations ensures that BUDM alumni are informed and included in our events. Committee members will help in creative brainstorming new traditions and connections with alumni of BUDM.

apparel and operations

Apparel & Operations committee oversees all dancer shirts and merchandise designs, orders, and distributions. In addition, the committee must set up the HRC for the day of the marathon. This involves lots of logistics, decorations, designing and planning before the day of the event.

corporate relations

Corporate Relations recruits and stewards corporate partnerships for our events and the organization as a whole. Committee members will contact sponsors and make sure partners feel involved with BUDM. 

dancer relations

Dancer Relations committee members are called Color Team Captains. A Color Team Captain not only needs to manage, support, and assist members of his/her color team on marathon day through games, cheers, tips, etc., but a captain also has duties of motivation and communication through email prior to the marathon about topics like Fundraising and Riley stories. 


Entertainment committee will help with the “day of” experience by prepping for acts and making the environment entertaining, interactive, fun, and meaningful!


The FUNdraising committee centers on helping dancers and other committee members reach their fundraising goals by planning canning events, facilitating the letter writing a campaign, and brainstorming new ideas. 


Hospitality provides a warm and welcoming environment at the event. Hospitality keeps everyone in BUDM happy and well-fed throughout the year by developing and stewarding partnerships with local restaurants and businesses. 

marathon relations

Marathon Relations is a committee that works with local high school Dance Marathons and helps them brainstorm new ideas, set goals, and achieve those goals.


The Marketing Committee will help with all promotional efforts for BUDM. This includes social media posts, creating advertising materials, brainstorming promotional strategies, and more! 


Morale is the heart of the dance marathon and is all about having lots of positive energy to spread to all of the dancers every day, and especially on Marathon day. We teach a line dance throughout the 12-hour marathon, but no dance experience is necessary to have a positive impact on the Morale committee. A bright smile, good attitude, and love for Riley is all we need to succeed!


Recruitment and Engagement committee is the on-boarding ramp that helps get more people passionate about BUDM. As a member of R&E, you can advocate for BUDM as an organization and let people know that there is a place for every person in BUDM. You will be spreading the word about Riley and Dance Marathon and helping more people feel inspired to fundraise for such a great cause.

riley relations

Riley Relations works to successfully blend our Butler family with our wonderful Riley families! We plan events for our Riley families throughout the year and we serve as “fairy godparents” for our Riley kids on the day of the marathon- making sure that their Marathon Day experience is the best EVER!

special events

Special Events is fall semester heavy. We plan all sorts of events for all different crowds of people to reach the goal of fundraising and raising awareness for Riley Hospital. It is a perfect place for a person that loves to put together and decorate an event for an amazing cause.